Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Summing up Acoustics 2018

We thank you for all your support over 2018. The year started well with PhD candidate Nick Durup successfully defending his doctoral thesis. In January Eric Ballestero joined us as a PhD student funded by the Royal Opera House. Three papers were published on feathers, sound field amplification in classrooms and noise from hydrogen explosions, as well as ten conference papers delivered at London, Cardiff, Crete, Hiroshima, Chicago, Hamburg and Bristol. More students won awards including Jamie Spary and Carl Ruegger winning the Acoustical Society of America Newman medal, and Jamie Spary again winning the RBA  Acoustics Prize. Links were again strengthened with the Institute of Acoustics with Dr Dance taking over as Chair of the Musical Acoustics Group. In addition Diploma and MSc students presented at London Branch meetings. The UK Acoustics Network was progressed with three meetings held in LSBU. Two new visiting positions were formalised for Prof. Peter Mapp, and Dr Bob Peters. Finally, 30 students were enrolled on our postgraduate courses this autumn. We wish them luck with their respective courses. Best wishes for 2019 from the Acoustics Group when we plan to start our new Apprenticeship programme

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