Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Anemometer installed on University roof

On the 20th August 2014 a 9 m mast was erected on the rooftop of London South Bank University. On top of the mast was placed a Power Predictor anemometer to measure the wind speed and direction. The information will be collected together with the electricity power generated by the Proven turbine and the noise and vibration data to present a comprehensive analysis of the performance of urban wind turbines.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Barista and Baker Acoustic Makeover

The coffee shop, the Barista and Baker, so undergoing an artistic makeover with the help of alumni, Anne Kyyro Quinn. Masters student Isaac Mohd Sahar has undertaken an acoustic survey, this will allow him to calculate how many of AKQ sustainable acoustic panels are required to reduce the reverberance in the space. Anne is producing some panels specifically to help with the project. It will look great!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Happold Trust Award for 2013 goes to...

We are pleased to announced that the Building Services, Sustainability and Acoustics Programme Area has been awarded Happold Brilliant Annual Award by the Happold Trust. The award recognised excellence in teaching building services engineering. Amongst the team of ten lecturers, Dr Luis Gomez-Agustina teaches the students the principles of acoustics, and Dr Stephen Dance teaches noise and vibration control, as well as looking after all student projects and teaching innovation and enterprise.  Dr Gordon Lowry, Programmer Leader, will receive the award at the annual CIBSE dinner. Well done every one!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Acoustics Group works with Design House Native

The Acoustics Group is working with the integrated design experience consultancy Native. Working with Sarah Liddel, Principal Design Engineer, Dr Stephen Dance is assisting with engineering product development. Let's hope the future is a little quieter.  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lorenzo completes his doctoral thesis

On the 5th August 2014 Lorenzo Morales completed his doctoral thesis. His PhD is entitled, "Validation and optimisation of the Speech Transmission Index for the English Language", supervised by Dr Stephen Dance, Prof. Bridget Shield and Mr Glen Leembruggen. Dr Francis Li and Dr Bob Peters will be on the defence panel to be held next month. Well done Lorenzo!

The Training Partnership - Red Card or No Red Card? Lecture

Dr Stephen Dance has been asked to give a seminar to The Training Partnership, an educational forum for A level students on mathematical subjects not covered in the curriculum. Many famous mathematicians have given this lecture, no it's the turn of acoustics! I selected Red Card or No Red Card? How acoustics can help. It will discuss if  Van Persie of Arsenal should of been sent off against Barcelona in 2011.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Anechoic Chamber Uprated

On the 4th August 2014 the London South Bank University Anechoic chamber was uprated mechanically and electrically. The hoist has been certified to 1.2 tonnes to allow larger machines to be tested. In addition, a new 3 phase soft start power supply (32 Amps at  415 Volts) has been installed, along with a high resolution web cam. This allows larger electrical motors to be tested. For example this 11 kW GP12 siren!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Klaxon Siren Sound Power Tests

On the 1st August 2014 after a month's of planning the first Klaxon siren, a 7.5 kW GP10, was acoustically tested for sound power level for Haztek International with representatives from Chevron present - Dr Kurt Bozenhardt and Mr Alex Stresyuk . This was a team effort from the concrete lab, the metal workshop, and the acousticians. The smaller siren reached levels above 135 dB! Yet it was barely audible outside the anechoic chamber!