Thursday, 26 April 2018

Luis Gomez-Agustina presenting at IOA Cardiff 2018

At the recent Institute of Acoustics conference Dr Luis Gomez-Agustina presented a poster based on the work of MSc student Jerry Rees. The poster was entitled, "Assessment of ground borne vibration from underground trains on proposed residential development". The poster drew a lot of attention at the coffee and lunch breaks.

2nd UKAN Steering Committee at Cardiff

On the 24th April the EPSRC funded UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) held their second meeting. Each SIG presented their work so far and plans for the future, so watch this space for the Communication and Room Special Interest Group lead by Dr Stephen Dance. Professor Vorlander gave his thoughts from Germany via Skype and proposed that 2020 be the Year of Sound. We need friends in high places as the United Nations will decide this proposal.

Dr Dance presents at IOA Conference in Cardiff

On 24th April 2018 Dr Stephen Dance presented his work with the Royal Opera House at the Institute of Acoustics annual conference. The research was entitled, "Singing and Loudness: A short study with the Royal Opera House". This work was undertaken with MSc student Samantha Liu and Royal Opera House chorister John Bernays. The audience were engaged and asked many related questions on music and hearing.

IOA Diploma student Shanti Wisnlewska presents at the IOA conference

On 23rd April 2018 former IOA Diploma student Shanti Wisnlewska presented her diploma project at the Institute of Acoustics annual conference. Shanti's project was on "The evaluation of the subjective method of BS4142:2014 for sound characteristics". She handled the many questions expertly.

Dr Aygun presents his research at the IOA Conference

On the 23-24th April 2018 Dr Haydar Aygun presented his work at the Institute of Acoustics annual conference at Cardiff. His poster was on, Tracheal sound acquisition using laser Doppler vibrometer". This work was undertaken in collaboration with Socotec UK.

Prof Shield presenting on Classroom Acoustics

On the morning of the 24th April 2018 Professor Shield presented the latest research on classroom acoustic at the Institute of Acoustics annual conference. The papers title, "The impact of classroom noise on reading comprehension of secondary school pupils". This was part of an EPSRC funded study 2009-2012 with the Institute of Education and Salford University.

Prof Shield presents at IOA Cardiff

On the 24th April 2018 Prof Bridget Shield presented her research at the IOA annual conference at Cardiff Town Hall. Bridget presented on "The impact of hearing loss on physical health and cognition" in the Speech and Hearing session. She is writing the report with Brunel University where she is a Visiting Professor.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Royal Academy of Music Exit Audiology testing

On the 17/18th April 2018 for the 8th year the Royal Academy of Music has commissioned the Acoustics Group to undertake audiometric tests on the final year students. Dr Stephen Dance randomly selects 10% of the final year students to be retested, the results are very interesting!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

UKAN Comms and Rooms Group Poster

A poster has been submitted to the IOA Annual conference to represent the new EPSRC funded Acoustics Network Special Interest Group in Communication and Rooms. Dr Stephen Dance will be presented the challenges they lay ahead to the group and some proposals to solve them! See you in Cardiff

Friday, 13 April 2018

Presenting Urban Wind Turbine study - Energy focused

On the 13th April 2018 Dr Stephen Dance presented the doctoral research work of Dr Ben Dymock at the annual CIBSE conference held at London South Bank University. The paper focused on the long term electricity generated by rooftop mounted wind turbines in central London and the affect on the local residents and community. Lots of good feedback from an engaged audience!

Introducing the Acoustics Network to CIBSE

On the 12th April 2018 the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineering held their 8th annual technical symposium at London South Bank University. At the event Dr Stephen Dance promoted the newly formed UK Acoustics Network using the video produced by the University of Southampton featuring Prof Tim Leighton demonstrating how to clear dirt away using only cold water and bubbles. The engineers were impressed by the power of ultrasound!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

New Royal Academy of Music Opera Theatre

On the 11th March 2018 the Acoustics Group were invited to measure the room acoustics of the new John Lyons theatre at the Royal Academy of Music. A busy day was spent by Dr Stephen Dance and Doug shearer measuring the acoustics of the newly enlarged orchestra pit and the beautiful auditorium,  The stunning design is a great improvement.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Architectural Association School of Architecture visit the Lab

On the 15th March 2018 students from the Architectural Association School of Architecture visited the acoustics lab. Former Masters student, Laura de Azcarate teaches the architecture students and for the second year bought them along to experience the anechoic and reverberation chambers. We hope they had a a truly great experience!

LSBU Annual Review 2017

London South Bank University issued it's annual review of 2017 in late March 2018. It features the research of the Acoustics Group in particular that involving the measurement and monitoring of the noise produced around London's Heliport by Dr Stephen Dance and Dr Luis Gomez-Agustina. We hope that the issue gets wider publicity around the up coming local elections.

Acoustics at the Bradford Literature Festive

On Saturday 7th July 2018 Bradford Literature Festival will host a discussion on the Power of Silence. Acoustician Dr Stephen Dance as well as journalist Arifa Akbar and other leading experts will take part in the panel to discuss silence. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Acoustics Applicants visit on a Successful Open Day

On Saturday 25th March 2018 London South Bank University held their open day. Dr Haydar Aygun of the Acoustics Group looked after the MSc and Diploma acoustics applicants on the day showing them our extensive facilities. Looking forward to meeting you all come September!

First meeting of the EPSRC Comms and Rooms network

On the 16th March 2018 London South Bank University hosted the 1st meeting of the newly formed government funded UK Acoustics Network for Communications and Rooms. Acoustics experts from the fields of speech, hearing, music, room acoustics and digital signal processing gathered to discuss the scope, operation and framework of the new special interest group, SIG.. Invited representatives from academia, industry (small and large) and early career researchers under the leadership of Dr Stephen Dance and Professor Mark Plumpley produced a plan of action for 2018-2020 for the SIG. Details will be produced shortly, so keep an eye out!

Acoustics Group at IOA Sound Power Workshop

On 14 March Dr Bob Peters and Dr Luis Gomez-Agustrina attended the IOA one day conference on Sound Power measurements in Northampton. Bob was the first one presenting of the day. He covered in a  engaging manner  the fundamental theory of sound power and sound  intensity determination considering measurement uncertainty. Practical demonstrations and networking followed in the afternoon in a most enjoyable day.

Students visit Henry Wood Hall

On the 8th March 2018 the Masters and IOA Diploma students visited and measured Henry Wood Hall in London. Room acoustics measurements were taken using winMLS and a dodec loudspeaker to establish how to make the room multi-purpose. Let's see what they come up with!