Saturday, 21 January 2012

Noise Map of the Tube Completed

The noise map of the tube system of London Underground for Zones 1-3 has been completed. By averaging the noise levels measured bewteen stations a map has been created. Generally, the noise levels on surface trains is 65-70 dBA, the sub-surface stations 70-75 dBA, however for the deep lines it ranges from 80-85 dBA. The highest levels were dangerously loud, greater than 85 dBA, these were Northern Line between Hampstead and Golders Green, Bakerloo Line between Baker Street and Marylebone, Central Line between Liverpool Streret to Mile End, and Piccadilly Line between Bounds Green and Wood Green.


Annalise said...

Does this include the noise level of automated announcements played inside the carriages?

Nicola Parr said...

How can I get in contact with you? I'm very interested in your findings and would like to study this more